Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the winners are........!

1st Prize group : Jaqueline Faulkner!
On the Spot Studio
A little Bit Sassy
Addie Faith
Angela's Handmand Props
Artistic Cliques
Bean Bailey
Chic Baby
Gorgeous & Co
LaurieL Photography
Jessie's Props
Jewelry and Baby Bling by Dara
Little Pixels
Maddie Belle
New Vintage Designs
Robin Hill
This & That Designs
Heidi McGinnis Photography
Photgraphers Gathering Place

2nd prize group: Bethany Cagle!
Antique Boutique
Robin Long Photography
Splash of Color by Moonlight
Gorious Memory
Traditions in Thyme
Tri Bec Designs
Maternity and Newborn Photo Props
Bethany's Belly Boutique
Knit Works NC
Isabella Lafrance Photography
Erin Leigh Photography
Nicole Michelle's Creations
Tiny Feet Photography
Wild Hearts Photography

3rd Prize Group winner: DeLury Photography!
Backdrops and Floordrops by Imajen
A Photogs Boutique
Norma Mitchelle Photography
Angel Baby Gifts
Autumn & Ashley
BK Boutique
Brand Sushi
Crochet by Alexis
Jennifer Lynn Photography
Melissa Jane Boutique
Quietude Quilts
Teeny Tiny Tutus
Darling Diva
Niki Manning Photography

Surprise! Winner number 4! Renee Bryant!
Pink Sparrow
KH Imaging
Love Baby J
McCarthey Photography
Rebecca Reeves Photography
Vintage Crush
Prop Shop
Tip Toeing Tutus
Valerie Knits
Kaylee Bug Designs

I would like to take this time to thank all of the vendors and to remind you that this giveaway was to show you how they care about their customers. Please show them that you care and keep small businesses running by shopping in thier stores : ) The vendors continually have sales and also give freebies away on their own. Thank you for making this giveaway a true success!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Purple Poppy's Spring Photographer Giveaway!!

     Well, I have decided to do it again! The first giveaway was such an amazing success, how could I resist? The last giveaway being my first, I did not know how it was going to turn out. I was truly surprised by all the vendors that wanted to donate their time and creations to the new fans that had came to enter. And, with me being a 'newbie' to the whole experience, I thought I would get more no's then the yes's that I received. That did not even seem to be a problem to the vendors, it appears that vendors wanted to help even more since I was new! All the hard work and hours that I put into creating the giveaway were well worth it to meet new friends and connections through them.

    So, here is the part that you have been waiting for- The giveaway is here! I have put this giveaway together with the thought that spring is here (for some people!). I know my old home of Michigan is still seeing snow, but now that I am in Virginia spring has arrived! That is why I have decided to put these packages together. If you thought there were a lot of vendors last time, this one will blow you away : D

The Rules:

   Please follow the rules very carefully. You can be disqualified if all of the steps are not completed fully. It will be a lot of work, but so well worth it in the end! Each post counts as one entry. Specify what step you are posting about in your comment : )

1. Follow this blog. Easy!

2. At the bottom of the list of vendors will be a list of links. You must "like" or add all of the pages listed. I will check to make sure that they have been added by the winners. This is going to be the hard part because there is a whole lot of them! It is NOT required to leave some love on the pages, but please do. The vendors like to hear nice things about their work and have put time, energy, and money into this event. So, I think that leaving some love on their pages is not a lot to ask :) Please, PLEASE remember that you can get comment blocked if you go to fast. So go very, very slowly. Only add maybe 5 or 10 vendors at a time and comment. Please don't send emails to me about being blocked, as this has been a warning, lol! And, remember, it will be easier for me to see if you are a fan or a friend of a page if you comment on that page. 

3. Post a link about this giveaway on your facebook page. Make sure you tag my page when you do so. For those of you that don't know how to do that, you start type @Amber Flynn on your wall post. You will see a drop bar where you can select my page which will "tag" me in your wall post.

4. After you have finished all the steps above, come back here and comment that you have done so. Remember, I check these steps to make sure that all have been completed. When commenting that you have completed the steps, please use the same name that your facebook page is in. Last giveaway there were some anonymous comments, and comments that were not in the names of any facebook pages. If you do this, I will not be able to find your facebook page to A. check if you have done all the steps, and B. tell you that you have won!

5. Winner's must contact the vendors with their information within 24 hours! I do this because we as shop owners are very busy with our other businesses and usually are in multiple giveaway's at a time. It keeps the giveaway efficient and convenient for all the vendors.

   Now the fun part!
The Vendors: 

 I am going to start with my new page that I co-own with the founder of Olive to Sew. We are donating an antique crate from our collections:

On the Spot Studio has donated an ENTIRE branding package worth 850.00! Yes you read that correctly!

Backdrops Floordrops ByImajen has wonderfully offered a 54" x 5' ft backdrop or floordrop of winners choice:

A Little Bit Sassy is donating a 50.00 gift certificate to her store:

A photogs boutique will give a 50.00 gift certificate to her store:

 Addie Faith's Bowtique has donated this lovely cocoon and hat set :

 Norma Mitchelle Photography has donated this hand stamped Pendant with ball chain, so perfect! :

Angel Baby Gifts has generously given 50.00 towards the purchase of one of her fabulous beds!

 Angela's Handmade Props has given the two lovely wraps, so prefect for spring shots!

 Artistic Cliques will give the winner her whole collection of textures, 6 sets total! Including this one:

Autumn and Ashley Design has created this lovely package for one winner:

Bean Bailey has given this adorable stork pouch and hat:

Bethany's Belly Boutique will generously make two of her custom belly wraps to the winner!

BK Boutique has donated this super soft cocoon and hat matching set:

Brand Sushi will give the winner  this set of her Sushi Bar Actions, love them!

Chic Bebe has choosen these super cute bunny ears and fancy flower headband:

Crochet By Alexis handmade this hat just for the giveaway:

Erin Leigh Studio will let the winner choose 50.00 worth of digital papers or templates from her shop:

Glorious Memory has donated a 50.00 gift card for the winner to go shopping with : )

The fabulous Isabelle Lafrance has donated her Happy Place combo of Actions and Textures, woohoo!
Gorgeous and Company has donated this perfectly precious headband and fairy wings set:

Jennifer Lynn Photography will create a custom logo for one of the winners

Hartlaine has given a gift certificate to her whimsical frame shop:

Pink Sparrow will custom make a logo or a marketing kit to one of the lucky winners:

 LaurieL Photography has gifted the winner a choice of one of her newborn sling props! You can choose color and style, tie top or her patented "loop top":

Jessy's Props and Creations has but this ultra fresh collection of baby wraps and headbands. Love those colors!

Olive .to Sew has donated one of the winners choice of a petti or a fringe blanket!

Jewelry, Baby Bling by Dara has created this fabulous tutu dress and matching hat. Adorable!

KH Imaging has made these oh so sweet with templates with digital paper designs from Sassy Designs just in time for spring:

Knit1Paint2 has created this beautiful bunny hat and diaper cover:

Knitworks NC has graciously donated a fringe blanket and two headbands to one winner:

Little Pixels has cleverly offered  the winner photo retouching. Perfect to save you some time, cause we all know how long it takes to retouch images!

LoveBabyJ has will donate this lovely romper in winner's choice of size:

 MaddieBelle Bowtique has created these lovely and vibrant bowls and a dainty matching headband:

Maternity and Newborn Photography Prop Shop has given a gift card of 50.00 for use in her shop, sweet!

How about a useful tool for photographers that do newborn shoots? McCarthy Photography has given the winner a posing guide plus a fab calendar template:

Melissa Jane Boutique has donated this lovely princess dress:

New Vintage Designs has created this super luxe mossy green hat and cocoon set. 

Nicole Michelle's Creations has generously offered one of her fabulous Kayla Camera Purse:

Quietude Quilts has offered any two photo prop doll quilt sets in winners choice! 

Rebecca Reeves Photography has created a 50.00 gift certificate to use in her shop:

Robin Hill Photography has made these lovely hats. A set for twins and one for a preemie!

Robin Long has donated a posing guide she has created to one of the winners:

Splash of Color by Moonlight has donated a floordrop or backdrop to a winner of their choice!

Teeny Tiny Tutu's will send one winner this mega cute tutu outfit:

 Vintage Crush has donated a frame of winner's choice, value of 50.00!

This and That Designz by Karrie June has made the blocks specially for this springtime giveaway:

Another perfect item for those spring photo shoots is this quaint parasol. Donated by Tiny Feet Photography:

Perfect for use on those sleeping newborns is this slide on tutu created by Tiptoeing Tutus:

Traditions in Thyme has offered a 50.00 gift certificate towards one of her trench bowls! Yay!

Tri-Bec Creations has offered this beautiful white hanging hammock. Makes me wish they were big enough for me! Doesn't that baby look comfy?

Valerie Knits has made these super adorable matching hats that would be fabulous on twins:

Wild Hearts Photography has donated a 50.00 gift certificate towards the purchase of anything in her store:

Darling Diva Babywear will give this wonderfully cute tutu outfit. So fanciful! 

Heidi McGinnis Has created this lovely tutu outfits for one winner in the giveaway:

Kaylee Bug Design has offered this beautiful set of her Beauty Box Birth Announcements and also a collection of her digital papers:

Niki Manning Photography has offered an antique egg basket! Yay : )

FotoTale Designs has offered a 50.00 gift certificate to their shop!

A Gathering Place for Photographer's has added a year subscription to their website!

 Ok now for the links for easy access to the facebook pages that you need to like:

It seems like not everyone can get to Darling's page from the link so here it is to type in your browser:

Whew, what a list! You have made it to the end though. Now you just have to wait for the names to be called to announce the winner. The winners names will be posted on here and also on my facebook wall. make sure you check for them to be posted because you will only have 24 hrs to claim your prizes! I hope you enjoy these vendors as much as I do and take advantages of their sales!

**Contest Ends 3/16/2011**

P.S. For an extra entry, add Pixel Lounge Studio. It is a great shop and her sales are spectacular. I forgot to post her portion of the giveaway, but you will definitely see more of her stuff in my upcoming giveaways. So you might as well friend  her shop and see what wonderful things she offers for an even better price : )


entry is over for this giveaway! Thank you to all that made is successful!